Seed Library

Check back soon for more details about our native seed donations to the Seed Library at Normal Public Library. Learn more about this Seed Library (INSERT LINK)


Why Native Plants


Growing Native Plants from Seed

Many native plant seeds require a period of cold moist stratification in order to break seed dormancy and for the seed to germinate successfully.  This stratification period could take place naturally outdoors over the winter or in a refrigerator. The length of this required time period generally varies by species.  However, some species do not require any pre-treatment. This downloadable guide developed by Prairie Moon Nursery provides a general overview of different germination requirements and seed starting basics for native plants.  The duration of cold moist stratification needed for successful seed germination of the species donated to the Normal Public Library Seed Library is noted on the seed packet label.  If the label says surface sow these seeds should not be covered with any soil when sown.  Other seeds should be buried no more than the width of the seed when sown.

To learn more about the specific germination codes of a variety of native seeds and other cultural characteristics of these plants (such as sun and soil requirements, plant height, bloom time and bloom color view this document modified from information available from Prairie Moon Nursery…. insert LINK here.

Native plant seeds donated by Wild Ones: Illinois Prairie Chapter to the Normal Public Library Seed Library currently include the species found here INSERT LINK. Quantities of these seeds are limited and they may not all be available at any given time.



Thank you for growing plants native to central Illinois.  If you have any questions about the seeds our chapter provided to the Seed Library please email us at…….