Pollinator Pathways

Application for Wild Ones: Illinois Prairie Chapter
Pollinator Pathway 

The Illinois Prairie Chapter of Wild Ones Pollinator Pathway is intended to improve the health and abundance of both pollinators and the native plants that sustain them. By mapping native plantings in central Illinois, we hope to both build awareness of local native plantings and recruit participants to fill in the gaps where resources for pollinators are scarce. At this time, we are mapping plantings only in Livingston, McLean, Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford counties.  This is the initial roll-out of this program and other counties may be added in the future.

Modern land use patterns have nearly wiped out naturally occurring native plantings. Native plants, meaning the species that preceded European colonization, are vital because they have evolved with our native pollinators and provide them with the food and shelter they need to survive. The loss and fragmentation of pollinator habitat combined with exposure to harmful chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides have resulted in a steep decline in pollinator numbers. 

By joining the pollinator pathway and dedicating a portion of your property to growing native plants and also pledging not to use harmful chemicals in the planting, you can help bring the pollinators back. 

The best pollinator plantings include species that bloom in spring, others that bloom in summer, and still others that bloom in the fall. However, we welcome you to participate in the pathway with whatever size and type of native planting you have. We all have to start somewhere! 

If you would like to participate, please fill out the Pollinator Pathway application linked below and we will put your native planting on the Illinois Prairie Chapter of Wild Ones Pollinator Pathway map.  If you are a resident of McLean County, your planting will also be included in the Illinois Prairie Chapter of Wild Ones/McLean County Greenways Pollinator Pathway map.  An electronic copy of the Illinois Prairie Chapter of Wild Ones Pollinator Pathway map will be located on this page and a copy of the Illinois Prairie Chapter of Wild Ones/McLean County Greenways Pollinator Pathway map will be located on the McLean County Greenways website. 

The application will ask you which seasons your plants bloom in. If you need help determining which season a plant blooms in, please refer to the University of Illinois Extension Wildflower website HERE.  You can search for a plant by either common name or scientific name and then click on the specific plant profile to see various plant characteristics.  

Pollinator Pathway Application (click HERE to open application)

Pollinator Pathway Map

To view the map of Pollinator Pathway Participants as of June 23, 2020.  Click HERE.  NOTE: You can zoom into a particular areas if you like.  Also if you click on an individual yellow “pin” you will be able to see information on the current size of the individual planting and the seasons that the planting blooms.  


For more information about native plants, please visit the Learn section of our website HERE.  Both the Handouts and Guide Section and the Plant Information Section contain a variety of useful information about native plants. 

For more information about McLean County Greenways visit https://mcplan.org/greenways 

If you have questions about this program, please contact the Pollinator Pathway Committee at our email address [email protected]