Mentor Program

One of the many reasons people join Wild Ones is to learn more about native plants. The monthly programs are one way in which our chapter tries to meet this need. But it is hard to meet the varying needs of each of our members through the programs offered. Enter the mentor program.

The chapter is excited to offer this new, member-only program. The mentor program will be twofold.  Members will be able to submit their questions to the chapter inbox ([email protected]) or members can request a house call – also requested through an email to the chapter inbox. Several of the chapter’s more experienced members have volunteered to get this program off the ground.

If you are an experienced member and are willing to add your name to the list of mentors, please see a Board member or drop a note to the chapter inbox.  If you are just getting started with natives, let us know what your questions are and the mentors will try to help.