Starting Over with Native Plants: Re-envisioning the Conventional American Yard

Date: Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 Time: 1:00 am - 2:30 am Location: Univ of IL Extension Building, Daniel T. Kelley Auditorium (map and directions)

Cindy Eack, owner of Blooming Gardens Designs, will led a discussion as we explore the benefits of using native plants, low maintenance and sustainable gardening practices. Come and learn about successes and failures, as we continue to move toward creating environmental friendly landscapes. Audience members will be given the opportunity to share their experiences. Topics include: designing with native plants, saving natural resources and the best places to find native plants in central Illinois. Cindy is a landscape designer, who is passionate about native plants and landscapes. She has lived in many different types of homes and climates and each time creates a wildlife friendly landscape. She is an active member and volunteer of Wild Ones (Illinois Prairie Chapter) promoting the preservation and use of native plants in the home landscape. She started Blooming Gardens Design in 2011 as a way to fulfill her lifelong passion of helping homeowners create an environmentally sensitive space for outdoor enjoyment.

Learn about more ways you can be part of the native plant movement.