Field Trip to The Grove (Members Only)

Date: Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 Time: 12:30 am - 2:00 am

This members only field trip will be a tour of the The Grove on Kickapoo Creek. We will hear about the project, it ecological impact, and how the city is continuing the project. Jim Bortell will be our guide for the tour.

Speaker Bio
Jim Bortell, a lover of all things out-of-doors, will be leading our field trip at ?The Grove.? Jim became interested in the area when taking Illinois Master Naturalist classes. At first skeptical, of the claims made by the developers about the benefits of this alternative to conventional residential water run off management, but looking for a place to hike, Jim began walking the trails often. Since 2010 he has observed the beneficial changes in the vegetation and wildlife. While Jim is counting on many of us to teach him some plant and bird names you can count on him to acquaint you with this 90 acre slice of quiet native Illinois riparian habitat. Jim is currently an active member of the Illinois Grand Prairie Master Naturalists and a retired Methodist minister.

The Grove is on Ireland Grove Road near Kickapoo Creek and just before you reach Benjamin Elementary School (map location of school). Look for a pumping station just after crossing the creek and park in that lot. Park on the south side of the road at the pumping station. Parking is limited and carpooling is suggested.

There are two shallow narrow streams to cross so wear boots, water shoes or wade the stream barefooted. Bring binoculars as the Dicksissel and other birds will put on a fine performance.

For additional information on the site visit and the USGS web site:


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