IL Butterflies and their Favorite Natives

Date: Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 Time: 1:00 am - 2:30 am Location: Mennonite Church of Normal (map and directions)

image of the butterfly American painted lady, Vanessa cardui

American Painted Lady
(Vanessa cardui)

image of the butterfly Red-spotted Purple, Basilarchia arthemus

Red-spotted Purple
(Basilarchia arthemus)

Dr. Michael Jeffords? and Susan Post will share their combined expertise on butterflies and Illinois? native habitat. During this presentation we will learn about some of the 150 species of butterflies that are native to the state and what habitats help sustain them in every stage of their life cycle.

Butterfly photographs by Michael Jeffords for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

This event is free and open to the public.


About the Presenter

image of Dr. Michael Jeffords

Dr. Michael Jeffords

book cover - Exploring Nature in Illinois by Michael Jeffords and Susan Post

Exploring Nature in Illinois: A Field Guide for the Prairie State by Michael Jeffords and Susan Post

Michael Jeffords obtained his PhD in Entomology from the University of Illinois and is the retired education/outreach director for the Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS) and was staff photographer for The Illinois Steward magazine (published from 1991-2010) that was focused on the conservation and protection of Illinois? natural resources and heritage. He is the co-author of two books: Exploring Nature in Illinois: A Field Guide to the Prairie State and Illinois Wilds.

Susan Post
Susan Post

image of Susan L Post

Susan L Post

Susan L. Post currently holds many hats at the Illinois Natural History Survey including biological control of purple loosestrife research, Educational outreach including exotic species education, Coordinator of the Critical Trends Assessment Program scientific report and Co-coordinator Illinois Wilds Institute for Nature. She has written popular articles for the Nature of Illinois and the Illinois Steward Magazine along with authoring or co-authoring the books Hiking Illinois, Illinois Wilds, and Exploring Nature in Illinois: A Field Guide to the Prairie State.

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